It started out fifteen years ago as a simple precept:
Help creative professionals improve and enrich their relationship with technology.
It remains so.
Meta Media™ Creative Technologies provides consulting, integration, development, training and support services to facilities that acquire, produce and deliver creative content worldwide.
How do we consult?
By leveraging 18 years of knowledge and practice in creative content production and distribution. By never being persuaded by manufacturer sales teams, rather by tried and true evidence of efficiency and performance in the field. By having a client base that spans from broadcast to video-on-demand to web distribution, non and for profit, government, education and the private sector. And lastly, through a vast network of trusted and respected colleagues willing to share their expertise for the common good.

How do we integrate?
By being there on time and finishing well before our estimate. By pulling the cable ourselves if we need to. By being a trusted ally and advisor to your IT department, not their adversary. By knowing that if it’s done right at the beginning, it will provide years of trouble free reliability, which lets everyone sleep at night.

How do we develop?
By envisioning the workflows that not only serve your needs today, but provide a framework for needs you’ve not yet identified. By leveraging open source packages and documenting our code so well that there’s no need to worry about legacy. By delivering glue and scripts and full-fledged apps that have had thorough unit testing and quality assurance already applied. By not leveraging our customers as our beta test site.

How do we train?
By writing books that bring field experience to the instruction, and by bringing textbook truths to the field in turn. By understanding and listening to the user’s point of view before opening our mouths. By approaching all sessions with the wonder of a new user. By understanding that well-trained staff are so much more productive and so much less likely to require support for everyday tasks.

How do we support?
By being accountable to our customers through an effortless and time-sensitive ticket system. By documenting everything that we do so that going back is as easy as looking up a web page. By not relenting in our research until we are satisfied with causality, not just a patch.

Contact us if you’d like something improved or enriched. We’d love the opportunity to serve.